We hope to keep the rules simple, as long as we all play nice.

Joining the RP: The RP is currently open to invited players only. If you have been invited, you will need to add an application for your character here. A summary of the rp can be found here.

1) Be excellent to each other:

  • Out of Character Communication: This is the lifeblood of roleplays. Whether shipping or fighting, discus with partners over big actions that will affect their characters. If another player does something that makes you uncomfortable, please talk to them or a moderator.
  • If Issues Arise: Be courteous and respectful of OCs, roleplays, and potential shipping business. You are free to be bothered by content, and may raise concern/dissent in a constructive and polite manner. It is important to make others aware of your needs, but do NOT to be aggressive or rude.

2) Use the Moderators:

  • Please talk to them! If you have a problem with a user, the forum, or experience griefing/bullying, please contact a moderator immediately.

3) Censorship/bad words list:

  • This board is uncensored: This will change if this privilege is abused.

4) NSFW content:

  • Wikia Rules: Although they claim to allow artistic nudes, they have already removed this kind of content from the wiki. According to reports, they are not very willing to listen to users contesting this. Please NSFW here at your own risk. (Wikia's NSFW rules)
  • Tagging: This board does not frown on nudity, swearing, violence, or other explicit content (such as suicide, self-harm etc). However, you MUST tag/warn/use spoiler tags for this content. We would prefer if these tags be included in the topic title of your roleplays; If you need help to retroactively edit the post titles, please contact a moderator.
    • Additionally, if this content disrupts the group in someway, it will be up to moderators whether it stays.

5) Roleplaying

  • Priorities: Owed replies should generally take priority over prompts/challenges, and crack/AU rp. Please use your best judgement!
    • Alternatively, if you find you have a hard time keeping up with the threads you are in, avoid joining more RPs.
    • If you find you cannot continue your involvement in an RP, it's suggested you find a canon exit for your character in your threads.
  • Timeframe: You have three weeks max to provide an owed reply, if you do not generate a reply within that timeframe it is suggested provide a written reply or seek someone to draw a response in your stead.
  • Communication: It's imperative that you communicate to other players in a thread, especially if the thread has a lot of players. This also proves essential for instances in which you would like to do something drastic to another character, or would like to reply next.

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