Twenty Questions, No Straight Answers (Isaac & Hannah)

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Pthalocy Posted: Feb 9 2015, 08:56 PM
(Just a little thing Giffy and I wrote up in skypechat, deemed worth posting!)


Isaac has yet to find any medication suitable for stopping his skin from itching furiously every moon cycle. He attempts to use the nearest building corner as a back-scratcher while nobody's looking, and then sits to smoke his pipe. It was easy to be ignored by simply avoiding the market. Most everyone was there.

Hannah is going to make Isaac-watching a regular habit.

Isaac has a theory that werewolves don't howl at the moon to call one another, they're yelling at it. He inadvertently grabs a stray foot while sitting, forgetting about that other bear habit momentarily. Isaac finally opts to just sit cross-legged, becoming aware that he's not so alone as he originally thought.

Hannah chinhands at him. Grins.

Isaac doesn't give the stinkeye just yet, but. He's definitely giving Hannah a look. What's so interesting here??

Hannah does her best to look innocent. She fails, though, at hiding the grin.

Isaac replies with silent eyebrows of incredulous amusement.

Hannah attempts to mimic the eyebrow gesture. Is she mocking, or is she just learning? Who knows?

Isaac inhales once through his nose in patience, then sighs. Looks like he's decided not to be bothered by this. Privately, This should tell him if she smelled like another animal or not. It'd be easier to tell if he were standing right beside.

Hannah doesn't smell like animal. She smells like the sky. Her grin grows a little wider. "You've got an air about you, Sir."

Isaac seems intrigued. "I could say the same, though I haven't quite solved whether you're enjoying my presence or just making fun of me." he's not insulted, if that's your plan. He re-lights his pipe, sitting comfortably and decidedly NOT holding his feet.

Hannah smiles lightly, "Making fun....? I don't know what you mean. You're different. Different people are fun to watch."

"Where's your mother?" he continues puffing at his pipe. It smells almost like sweetgrass and not tobacco at all. If Isaac possesses the patience of a saint, Hannah would be the one to judge the accuracy of such a claim. He can't quite judge how old she is, and it's got his curiosity among the other little details not adding up.

Hannah thinks of Gabriel and snorts. "Don't have one. Should I?"

Isaac bows his head, "My sincere apologies, miss." plenty of us have lost close ones to the war, assuming ... hurm. Her wording isn't right either. He's willing to guess fey at this point, which means he is most definitely not walking home right away lest she tag along the entire way and prove more trouble than William. His wilder instincts insist he's safe though: Isaac is mildly surprised by that. Usually his other side would try to get him more defensive by now.

Hannah shrugs. "You didn't mean anything by it, did you? People say things to hurt sometimes. If Gabe were here I would have made fun of him."

"So you do know what 'making fun' is after all," Isaac just smiles. This was at least, entertaining and he was enjoying an odd peace of mind he was wary to abandon just yet. Not until he knows what or who she is. "Is Gabriel a friend? ...and what should I call you?"

Hannah folds her hands in her lap, fingers intertwining. "Mm, you're sharp, you are. Gabe is my friend. I watch him, because he can't watch himself. I'm Hannah. Who are you?"

"My name is Isaac." he decides she can't be a child, either. Too well spoken and odd mannerisms all the same. He sniffs once again - it does come across as a social cue for thought - nope. Definitely ozone. Isaac undoes something from around his neck, under his shirt collar, and pools whatever it is in his hand. Something on a chain.

Hannah sees this a lot, people grasping at their jewelry when they assume her to be something she isn't. Her lips curl into a frown, her brow furrowed. Just how long would it be until he waved a crucifix in her face and spouted literature like it would hold her at bay and dissolve her into nothing? Hannah settles where she sits and waits to see what he will do next.

Isaac notes this. "Well you haven't run yet and I get the feeling you've been here longer than I have, making a face like that. No, it's not a crucifix," he holds up a little star of David. "It might as well be, though. Thoughts?" He views it less as an act of mistrust, and more just. It's a step in the scientific method.

Hannah isn't relieved, per se. Knowing what she might be was arguably worse than fearing what she wasn't. People always wanted to know answers. "What am I supposed to tell you?"

Isaac looks down at the pendant in his hand. "...Oh. This is usually the part where the Catholics get mad at me." He shrugs. "Well that's a relief." truth be told, he does enjoy irritating the clergy on occasion. He puts the necklace back on. Whatever she is, it's not malicious yet and he's content to leave it at that and resume smoking his pipe.

Hannah shrugs. "too much hate in the world for me to hate what you believe on principle."

Isaac nearly grabs his foot in trying to get comfortable sitting again, and pulls his legs up to cross them to disguise the move. "Agreed. Kind of dumb, anyway. Given the real threats this town seems to face. Wasted anger." He decides, perhaps a little early, that he likes Hannah. She's alright.

Hannah doesn't attempt to hide her grin, this time. "not worth it to start a war over a difference of opinion, innit? Lots of people hate, and it's poison. Poison all the good, and the world won't matter. People won't matter. Life'd be a waste. This place... Reminds me of all the real problems. And everything I'm not allowed to do." she taps her chin gently, a little sigh falling from her lips.

Isaac thinks, she HAS been around a long while. "Hmm." Isaac considers 'spirit' for now. It would explain the ozone, potentially. He smiles, eyes still shut in thought while he smokes. "It hasn't stopped people from trying though, has it?"

Hannah tilts her head to the side and leans closer, resting her weight on her knuckles. "Nah. Just wish they'd learn. Like you. You're a thinky type, aren't you? Testing your boundaries against me."

Isaac tilts his head too, as if it were responsible for literally weighing thoughts. "Mmn, ja. I was before I came here. Before the war, too. Thinking has kept me alive thus far, though I wouldn't say I've learned everything. I still fought in it." it's not really regret nor pride.

Hannah scoffs at the very mention of learning everything. "No one learns everything. There'd be no unknown otherwise to balance out the known. It's good you know that. Keep learning."

Isaac squints a little. Like that's going to help him see better. He uses his pipe stem to point to her tiny figure, "Do you usually try harder to pass for 'normal' than this? I'm prone to wondering anyhow and here you are encouraging it."

Hannah gives him an incredulous look. "Why bother? People like you already know when something's wrong about me. The nose knows, and my eyes see- You're wild, spiky at the edges. It itches you, doesn't it? You feel your nature pulling you so many ways."

Isaac supposes this was inevitable, but it is nice that she gave him a straight answer and chose not to start a panic over it. "I prefer not to speak of such private issues, though I will say, it pulls in exactly two." please, let's not think about itching less part of him think it's a good idea to start...

Hannah raises her hands. She had no reason to panic, not with what she was. "Most people would. They like to dance around it, like you do. Make guesses and try to learn it for themselves. I don't have that mind, though. Gabe says I'm too blunt, and that I should try to be more subtle."

Isaac chuckles, "Well, I'm still guessing, so you've done something right on your part." She made for interesting conversation, and he needed that. He looks down the road, largely unoccupied. He needed that a lot.

Hannah looks all too pleased with herself. "It's part of my charm, so he tells me."

Isaac wonders idly just who this Gabriel is. Evidently they haven't met yet. Isaac wonders about a lot of things. Ah well. He has all the time in the world until he's needed back at his clinic. "Are my sort usually so calm around yours?" he makes no claims as to what Hannah even is. That one's got him stumped.

Hannah grins, her eyes lighting up. "Oh, 20 questions? I like that game, it's a good game. Depends on their nature, I suppose. Suspicious types don't like it. People who make assumptions don't like it."

Isaac smiles wide, and for a brief moment he looks even more like his brother. Bright-eyed and maybe just a little too trusting. "Then perhaps my type is just lazy today. I'm usually more of the suspicious sort, really. Of course, my next question has to be "will you tell anybody"?" no threat behind it. She has his secret. He doesn't quite grasp hers. Would be a silly game to play. '20 q' is nicer. Simpler.

Hannah shakes her head. "Nah." What was the fun in telling? Besides, it was against the rules to tip the balance like that.

Isaac was already calm, but breathes deeply all the same. He trusts her on that simple reply. The Bear... it was content to rest warmly inside this winter coat for the time being. Thank goodness. A reprieve like this when the moon is waxing... "Thank you, Hannah."

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