Streitstadt Prowl (Open RP)

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Jingz Posted: Oct 27 2014, 09:48 PM
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Sniggy Posted: Nov 6 2014, 04:08 PM
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callahan isn't looking for trouble unless the trouble is hot ladies

oh hi evelyn

Marr Posted: Nov 7 2014, 06:27 AM
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YzarcCreations Posted: Nov 14 2014, 09:31 PM
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(Marribelle no, it's your bed time)

Jingz Posted: Nov 16 2014, 02:03 PM
o hey I will respond asap sorry orzzzzzz
YzarcCreations Posted: Nov 16 2014, 02:44 PM
don't be sorry sweet!

we understand -w- ^w^

Jingz Posted: Nov 16 2014, 05:59 PM
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Sniggy Posted: Nov 18 2014, 10:24 AM
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Jingz Posted: Nov 24 2014, 04:02 PM
hi it's a very busy week but I plan to reply ASAP!! thanks thanks thnxx sry
Jingz Posted: Nov 29 2014, 05:06 PM
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  • queue laugh track*
Maelgwyn Posted: Nov 30 2014, 12:38 AM
*whispers* dese watercolor brushes... ;<; <3
Jingz Posted: Nov 30 2014, 10:30 AM
guilty as charged orz... I love the water color brushes ;;
Sniggy Posted: Dec 16 2014, 04:11 AM
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gogo gadget supa quick shit reply o<o

Jingz Posted: Dec 26 2014, 11:42 PM
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Marr Posted: Dec 27 2014, 04:59 AM
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dirty dirty racist

YzarcCreations Posted: Dec 31 2014, 09:08 PM
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Oh don't mind me, just in the background ahaha Marribelle no, you're not Esio, don't jump tree to tree

Sniggy Posted: Jan 11 2015, 10:16 AM
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