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Reluctance of comfort (placeholder title??)

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Zoroko Posted: Dec 21 2016, 08:47PM
This thread takes place after Super Cute Trash Babies.

Koby was brought to the church around when the sun was just about to rise so assume that was around 5-7am? This thread is technically the same day as he arrived, about 2-4pm later in the day.

It also takes place roughly 1-2 weeks after the events of New Arrival.

I will provide a summary here if continuity issues arise later??

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Maelgwyn Posted: Dec 30 2016, 01:45AM
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Koby is a cute and good bean UHU

Zoroko Posted: Jan 5 2017, 10:50PM
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Maelgwyn Posted: Jan 15 2017, 03:32AM
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Zoroko Posted: Jan 15 2017, 07:29PM
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Maelgwyn Posted: Feb 7 2017, 07:44PM
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Claud led Koby to another room where there was a bath already full of water, and more water heating over a fire.

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After making sure the vagrant was comfortably situated, Claud left him alone to re-join the clergy in the other room.

Zoroko Posted: Feb 13 2017, 08:55PM
have another WIP cuz im taking TOO LONG WEHH. ORP for priests now, in another scene- downstairs or whatever

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miss lol Posted: Apr 12 2017, 02:21PM
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Meanwhile in the light-flooded kitchen of the gloomy little church, a conversation took place, sort of. The two Priests who arrived about two weeks earlier seemed to feel well enough to start argument after argument as they slowly managed to resume going about their daily business.

John: Absolutely NOT!

Johnny:Come now Johnathan, after all these years you still don't trust my culinary expertise?? I am hurt!

John: Well good! You better keep your roofies away from my stew, I've worked all morning on that, and if you go anywhere near it I WILL kick you out of here broken ribs or not

Johnny Pouts. It's not roofies, it's perfectly natural.

Zoroko Posted: Apr 20 2017, 06:58PM
Helping out jing with her replies so we can get this thread movin along! (this is a wip place holder)

Also nobody has to reply in any sort of order since this thread will probably have many characters. Just make sure you communicate to your fellow thread goers before posting if you aren't sure. u v u

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Q_Q Posted: Apr 29 2017, 04:09PM
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miss lol Posted: May 3 2017, 03:43PM
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buuuhhhh it's a little crappy sry but I had to;;;

Zoroko Posted: May 3 2017, 08:33PM
Gonna add this here to for general knowledge

Koby was brought to the church when the sun was just about to rise, so assume that was around 5-7am. This thread is technically the same day as he arrived, about 1-3pm later in the day. u v u)b

Maelgwyn Posted: May 8 2017, 10:52PM
As Claud descended the stairs he could hear the spirited sounds of a "conversation" coming from the kitchen. It was startling for him to learn that there was a fair amount of bickering that went on amongst these men of the cloth. Their behavior was so different from the way they behaved during church services, it caused him to wonder.

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Dismayed, he noticed Father Doe laying on the ground, and rushed over to help him up. The man confused Claud at best, and terrified him at worst, but he had survived some terrible injuries and Claud couldn't leave him laying there.

(Lian, your draws look great, shhhh <3)

Zoroko Posted: May 9 2017, 11:13PM
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Q_Q Posted: May 15 2017, 11:10PM
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