First Impressions (William's a twit, Open RP town square)

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Pthalocy Posted: Mar 10 2015, 08:05 PM
With an afternoon off, William has taken to dawdling about the market-end of Streitstadt when he should be carrying goods home for tonight's dinner. It's nowhere near evening and he's already bartered for what he needs.

Next order of business: Observe. Everybody.

Why? As if he needs a reason, people and crowds are entertaining and he's got time to kill! ...This is as close to a crowd as he's going to find in this tiny town anyway. Not like the food he's bought will spoil in this cool weather.

Taking a seat on a barrel he doesn't own, he digs a worn-down booklet out of his coat. He takes a moment to prop his crutch against the wall behind him and digs an even further worn down stub of a pencil from of his pocket. Time to commence drawing anything he happens to see pass by.

Q_Q Posted: Mar 11 2015, 01:41 AM
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Pthalocy Posted: Mar 13 2015, 08:53 PM
William sat there drawing away, content in how ignorant the world was of his capturing it on paper. People never looked up from where they were going. It was the same everywhere. A to B. Stare at your feet, stare at your watch. Back in the city, he remembered what a horrible hurry folks were in getting to work they despised. They applied that same rush to getting home. What were they so afraid to see if they looked up? An interruption. Interruptions were literally the worst threat you could sic on somebody during peacetime. Ever. He would know, most of his reputation was built upon being one.

Out here though?

Someone might hex you if you looked at them cross-eyed. God forbid you were born cross-eyed out here, that wasn't part of His plan. The clergy numbered few, yet somehow maintained their obnoxious omnipresence, always ready to remind you to fit in. Some of the bypassers might suck your blood out, clean dry like some kind of human raisin. Vampires. Supposedly. He'd heard about them and never seen. Fairies and werewolves too. Heard, never seen.


Isaac didn't count.


He keeps sketching, picking on a slouched figure with a ridiculous wide-brimmed hat. Broad pencil strokes practically draw themselves as his thoughts wander. Lycanthropy and semantics aside, William and his brother weren't Catholic, nor were they particularly secretive about it. Isaac needed something to hold to for stability right now, he understood that. Maybe that's why William wore his holy symbol in plain view too. Holding onto his role as the interrup-


He looks over his drawing of ridiculous-hat-man to see what's happened.

Oh shit. He thinks, now amused. The view behind his book was almost identical. Same man. Same ridiculous. More dynamic pose, sprawling in the snow, he'll give him that. And muttering shit. William hastily closes his book. Heh. Okay, so someone else can interrupt today.

"I'm sorry are you talking to me?"

Q_Q Posted: Mar 18 2015, 04:59 PM
Fuck the light and the pain and this thing in front of him. Tears begin streaming as Francis looks up.

"...Talking?" Francis looks at the ground. "...Who'thhfuck'r you, did'ya sssseee..." the hat swivels searchingly, before pointing back towards William. "-Whho'affuck knocked me... up? Hah!! NO! Down."

Pthalocy Posted: Mar 18 2015, 08:23 PM
William's face tracks the man's, looking attentive - but his eyes keep flitting down to his notebook - which he surreptitiously begins shoving back into his coat pocket while the muddled gentleman gets most of a question out.

Knocked up? "Pfffhahaa! - Wait." his right hand absent-mindedly reaches for his crutch. "Are you okay?" He guides his good foot down first, sliding off the barrel.

"Nobody walked into you, you just - You ran into me. I think." he glances sideways at the foot traffic around them, as if looking for someone to verify someone else was aware of how weird this hat-guy is acting. Probably drunk, William decides.

Q_Q Posted: Mar 18 2015, 08:42 PM
Hunger. Especially fuck hunger. That was the thing that could go fuck off the most, Francis thinks decisively- He startles when the blurred figure laughs. Francis' lips hesitate into a smile, though he doesn't recall the source of the humor.

The man- man? Maybe? Reaches for a blurry long thing. What is that... A weapon, maybe... With a curse, the drunk tries to stand. No luck. "FUCK! NO- I'm... Looookit look, ffuck, juss'cauuse'm'n th' ffuck'n... ground donneveen mean shit!! Doneven mean... M'not n'i'jit," the stranger growls, red eyes glaring at the vague shape ahead.

Pthalocy Posted: Mar 18 2015, 09:03 PM
William lets the man spew his anger out. Whatever, he hasn't done anything but draw vaguely exaggerated pictures of townsfolk he has yet to introduce himself to. No harm, no foul, right? He watches Mr. Angry-as-hell attempt to right himself. ...okay then.

"Hey, it's fine, I didn't really- ..." he can't get a word in with that slurring.

Something glints red under the man's hat, and William falters for a second., he didn't imagine that. Okay, so something else weird is going on here. People in the street seem very content to ignore this odd show.

William decides to stick to his resolve - he holds his crutch firmly and extends his left hand. "Here. Just take my hand I'll help you up."

Q_Q Posted: Mar 18 2015, 09:20 PM
Out of the hazy blur, a hand comes into sharp focus. Bewildered, Francis sniffs at it. Everything was dull, from the drink and the hunger. The scent is vague at best.

"What... did'ya.. .I canna help'ya though..." the stranger confesses wretchedly. He stares at the hand a while longer. "Waitttt, did'jya mean..." Francis sits still, stares at the hand for a quiet moment before gently taking it up. "Tha'ssreal.. real.. genteel'a you.. did'na know I'd mettt'a.... gentleman... He begins again trying to right himself, pulling hard at William as his own legs decide they'd rather continue doing what they're doing on the ground.

Pthalocy Posted: Mar 18 2015, 09:32 PM
William is content to wait, he is observing.

And being sniffed at - the gesture is quick, seamless. But he knows it for what it is. This man has enough of a sense of smell to bother using it when encountering people. It had already become such a familiar gesture after caring for his brother this past year.

Okay good, he's not scoffing the help. "Something like that, sure. Or maybe I'm just too new here. Is German not your first language?" it seemed slightly more tasteful than asking if he was too hammered for words to get in through his ears.

Will pulls backward, but the man can't get his shit together at the same time. He whips his crutch back to catch himself from falling into the slush along beside!

"Oh God, okay. I've only got one good leg - on three okay?" He stubbornly tries again. "One, two, THREE-"

Q_Q Posted: Mar 18 2015, 09:46 PM
"Huhh.. How'dyya know... Ithough' m' accen'wassn'tha' bad." Francis sounds put out. Francis sounds glaringly Irish.

He falls back with a gritty plap- though the vampire is hardly warm enough himself to melt the snow, the sun and foot traffic had done plenty. "But.. what'sat?" Was the man lying again? He clearly has twoo... three? Francis squints harder. Yes, two feet and a.... stick. Right. What. Francis winces. Why is that man shouting?! Francis misses the cue, but in a panic tries belatedly to cooperate.

Pthalocy Posted: Mar 18 2015, 10:10 PM
They both topple over in a mess of dirty snow. William lands on his butt, and so nothing of value is lost.

The whole scene is one of ineptitude and ineffective legs.

"...Well that didn't work!"

YzarcCreations Posted: Mar 18 2015, 10:48 PM
A young woman was strolling through the market area, enjoying the crisp winter breeze and the small lively commotion. She was familiarizing herself with the town folk as well the arrangement of the market, so she wouldn't feel so lost looking for items of importance.

Lorrina was mainly minding her own business until she overheard a commotion nearby. Curiosity grasped her by the hand and led her to the location where two grown men fumbled over each other. Quickly scanning the scene, she became aware that one was handicapped and the other drunk, from the flush pink hue on his cheekbones as well a light stench of alcohol.

Lorrina's motherly nurse instincts kicked in and walked up to the men. With a sweet smooth voice, she asked, "Are you alright? Here, let me help you two up" she offered so kindly. She gave them both a warm smile as her golden curls brush against her face.

Q_Q Posted: Mar 18 2015, 11:09 PM
Francis bursts with hideously embarrassing giggles when they both land back down. He feels terrible, he really does. About everything. But of couse, that's what the whiskey had been for-

Something blocks the cursed sun. The fit that had been threatening to turn into manic laughter dies instead. The lovely voice calms the vampire further. He doesn't wonder why these people are being so kind, but it does feel really, really nice. "Ohhpretty Misssusss donn'even worry'aboud'it... hah, we're ffffinnnee, y'sssee!" He beams at Lorrina and pats William inexpertly on the... shoulder?? "...Areeyou'fffine? Why'dya got'a thing.. branchhhh?No. Uh...ssstick..?"

Pthalocy Posted: Mar 19 2015, 08:30 AM
William doesn't take notice of any people approaching until they're right there offering help. Whoops! He's digging snow out of his shoe and making sure his glasses are on straight.

"Crutch," William corrects, not answering the 'why' part of the question. He checks to see if his fake tooth is still in place as Francis manages to pat his neck.

He hikes his scarf up a little higher to ward off further attempts at kindness. "Ja, I'm alright thanks, got plenty of practice getting to my feet." He smiles, using his crutch and sure, he's alright. Doesn't have a lot of tall to pick up anyway. "Here, we can both get this one up - hey, what's your name, anyway?" he looks to the man, and extends the glance to both. "Haha, both of you. I'm William." Haha no and I haven't drawn both of you like a stalker weirdo.

YzarcCreations Posted: Mar 19 2015, 03:55 PM
Lorrina just smiled at Francis, being slightly flustered by his kind comment but he was obviously drunk. She gave William a small nod before lending a hand to the other, carefully pulling him back up to his feet.

Lorrina is used to pampering her patients, so it became like second nature to brush off any snow that stuck onto the drunkard's clothes. She returned her gaze over to William, who asked a question.

She gave a small courtesy as she introduced herself, "My name is Lorrina. It's nice to meet you as well."

Lorrina looked up at the sky for a moment before looking back at the men, "please do be careful out here. Wouldn't want you to catch a cold, good sirs."

Q_Q Posted: Mar 19 2015, 08:01 PM
Crutch? Francis squints harder. In the shade, he can make out a few details. He could be a hunter, but before he can really get a good look at William, he's suddenly dealing with the complete reorientation of the world as Lorrina and William help him to his feet.

"Francshisss," the vampire barks, smile disappearing as he emerges from the nurse's shade. "Nosselff ressshpectable... ssspectin' cold'ssg'nna land on me, donnya ffear, Misssy..." What had she said her name was?? Francis ponders quietly for a moment before looking down at the two humans. "Ddidd eit'er'a youssseee.... someone ran'inta me, din'they?" he asks again, sounding unsure.

Pthalocy Posted: Mar 19 2015, 08:15 PM
William does the worlds fastest hat-tip to Lorrina, "Good thing you came by when you did."

Ah, so he was Francis. with his previous book-shyness behind him (and he's certain Francis has worse eyesight than he does), William gets his notebook down and writes both their names down so he can remember. All while leaning on that crutch. He's quick and light in his movements and before a moment has passed, the book is away again and he's picking up the sack of groceries he purchased earlier.

He doesn't bother answering Francis's question. Didn't work last time he tried to anyway. "Well, if I do catch cold, I know a few people who can help with that." He'll be fine, no big deal - he flicks his hand at a lump of snow stuck to his shoulder. Like he was implying - fine!

YzarcCreations Posted: Mar 20 2015, 12:34 PM
She couldn't help but to let out a small giggle and smile at him, "Lorrina" she softly replied. She looked around the area before looking behind the men, seeing only some barrels.

"Um, I believe that barrel right there got in your way, Francis" she said, pointing to behind him. "Now, I'm sure the barrel felt very awful being in your way. If it could speak, it would apologize, I'm sure" The nurse did her best to reassure Francis.

Lorrina looked back at William and noticed he was writing in a small book before it was quickly put away. It also pointed out what was his bad leg, considering the placement of his crutch and leaning posture. The nurse's eyes lit up, hearing that there were others who practice medicine. "Oh that's fantastic- ah um... it's good to hear you are in good hands."

Q_Q Posted: Mar 20 2015, 04:18 PM
Francis scowls at the... barrel? It's short enough, isn't it...

"Whoo'ssg'nna fffuckin' leavin' thosse'n the ffuck'n- hh?" his rage is cut short by the woman. "Apolos.. apple- pologgshe... Oh." Another glare, but the sunshine wins and he closes his eyes again. The barrel-sitter had mentioned something. He knew someone to help with the cold...? To keep him warm.... Francis bursts with obscene laughter at the innuendo he'd pulled from the innocent statement. "sss'mone'a keepya warm??" His red face goes sly, but Lorrina speaks. "GOOD HANDSSS!! HAH!!! THA'S- BHAAAHAHA- 'SS eVEN BETTER!!" Francis crows, doubling over with the weight of the joke.

Pthalocy Posted: Mar 20 2015, 11:17 PM
William watches this evolution of Francis from enraged through to choking on his own laughter. "You don't happen to know where he lives, do you Lorrina? I can't afford to take him home with me if he keeps up like this."

In fact, that is the last idea on William's agenda. Those eyes are kind of raising a red flag to him. Fascinating, but probably a bad idea. Isaac would kill him if he tried anything, definitely.

YzarcCreations Posted: Mar 21 2015, 09:22 AM
Lorrina wasn't catching the innuendo jokes but just gave a small awkward smile to Francis. She then looked at William and shook her head lightly with a small frown. "I'm afraid I don't know where Francis lives but I don't mind taking him under my care until he sobers up."

The nurse looked at Francis, not wanting to make him uncomfortable at their first meeting. "Do you know where you live Francis? Would you like me to walk you home?" She asked Francis. She just wanted to be sure the he got home safe and not get lost or hurt on his way there.

Q_Q Posted: Mar 21 2015, 06:31 PM
They're talking about him like he's not even here. The laughter stops with an irritated snort. The color in his face from the outburst is gone in an instant.

"Sssshtch... Sshowwswhhat you know... ain'gonna ssober'up, n'youucanna make me," Francis grins defiantly at these helpful- no, patronizing strangers. "Donn'gotta placcess't go, neither," Francis laughs triumphantly at their ignorance. "Jusss... g'tta keep walkin'. Till ssomet'in happenss,ya know? Ssometin' better..." Francis trails off, smugness fading.

Pthalocy Posted: Mar 23 2015, 06:33 PM
Is now realizing he'd be a pretty terrible person to ditch Lorrina with this guy. I mean, they've only just met but wow, no. That'd be pretty rude. And unsafe maybe.

William hooks his sack of groceries over his shoulder and looks at Francis. "Something did happen. Us. Are you going to be alright like that??"

The answer is no, but if this Francis guy willfully declines help, it'll give him an option to get out of this awkward situation before he gets blamed for something. Ugh, but that brings right him back to trying not to be a terrible person and ditching this guy on a kind, barely-stranger.

YzarcCreations Posted: Mar 30 2015, 01:22 PM
"Ah yes yes of course Francis, my apologies" the nurse let out a small nervous chuckle.

Lorrina looked over at William then back at the other. She nodded and stayed quiet for a while, waiting on Francis' response. She wasn't going to force him to do anything or drag him if he wishes to be on his own. She wasn't his mother but she is a certified nurse and only wishes for his safety.

"Well if you need a place to rest, you are most welcome to stay with me Francis."

It's not a very smart thing to do but it was all she could think of. If he agrees, she can keep an eye on him and care for him until he gets back on his feet.

Pthalocy Posted: Apr 4 2015, 11:20 PM
William makes a noise - isn't that like, against the rules for his kind?

.....ugh wow that kind of thinking is why he's the minority religion around here, and here he goes off on unconfirmed assumptions that Francis is anything but very drunk and maybe in need of some eyedrops.

"Uhh," he hesitates, crutch under one arm, groceries under the other. He's of little use to drag anybody around even without the food.

Q_Q Posted: Apr 5 2015, 12:29 AM
Francis snorts at William's joke. Was it a joke? It was funny, either way. "Yeeaa.. you happened. Isn' tha' nice... are youfellassnice? You'all ssseem. That. No apologish. Apolop. Haha geeze... don' gotta sssayssorry. I'm... Yea I need ssomet'in. Pleasse. I need...."

Francis looks at the strangers helplessly, unsure what to say, but badly needing to say something. "I need..." A chill goes down his spine as one more section of the world opens up to him. "I need.... help? Uh... ... m'... losst. Do yousss'know how'ta leave?? That'd fix everyt'in'. I... dunno'whatelse ta do," the drunk pleads softly.

YzarcCreations Posted: Apr 24 2015, 12:24 AM
Lorrina watched the two, mainly keeping her attention on Francis. She listened attentively to his slurred words and it breaks her heart to hear him plead for an answer. Is he stuck in this strange town as well? Is this man just like her? Trapped because of the forest doesn't wish to release its grasp? The nurse shook her head as a reply to his question.

"I'm afraid I don't know good sir. I wish I could be of more help. All I can offer to you is my hospitality and care..."

Lorrina didn't know much else to say. At least the sun was high to keep everyone warm in this winter chill but, she felt utterly useless nonetheless.

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