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Inonibird Posted: Mar 21 2017, 09:11 PM
Hiiiii, it me, it Inoni, I'm the new kid on the block and I'm about to lug my garbage bag of ideas into your home and empty it all over the floor~

So! Since I hope to bring a Fae character to the table, I was wondering if it wouldn't be helpful to open up a little discussion about Fae strengths/weaknesses/powers/limitations/etc. There is so much Fae folklore out there—some of it rather contradictory—so I wanted to get some clarification about what's already there and then toss out a few additional thoughts. :3

Allrighty, so when it comes to abilities/strengths, Glamour, Immortality, Magic and Ley Lines all make sense. "Magic" is a bit open-ended, but that may also depend upon the type of Fae in question, yeah? I'd assume a lot of it is Nature-based to some extent (and I may or may not have a list of various flowers and their magical properties lying around somewhere...good for both Fae and witches, methinks!). Also little charms n' curses, nice dreams, nasty dreams, minor memory wipes, etc. Things like that?

As for weaknesses, am definitely familiar with the deleterious effects of Iron (and I've also seen steel?) and the power of True Names, but what is Moonlight Sickness? How does that work? Are Fae not able to be out and about during the light of day without falling apart, or do they need to be outside under the light of the moon every night, or...? Regarding mirrors, I'd also read somewhere about them reflecting a Fae's true form (negating their Glamour), so that'd be something else for them to avoid.

Aaand here's a couple of other thoughts!:

  • Salt? Salt is sometimes considered a deterrent to Fae and their powers.
  • Bread! This is one of those contradictory ones. In some folklore, Fae abhor bread and it can be used to ward them away, while in other lore, humans make offerings of bread to appease Fae. This could absolutely go either way, though I'd point out that if we go with the salt aversion, they might not be too keen on bread. ;)
  • Church bells + Christianity in general: that Fae can't stand the sound of church bells seems like a pretty common thing, though I'd love to clarify exactly what that means. Is it like an instant migraine? (whoof) Can they grin and bear it, or do they have to physically retreat from earshot? And then there's just...Christianity. I have to imagine that, if nothing else, it rankles the dickens out of such pagan creatures as Fae. Can they enter churches/are they physically bothered by crosses, or does it just annoy them? *shrug?*

Okayyyy, this next section is all vaguely connected (and mostly inspired by one of my favorite paranormal book series :B), and I'll just straight-up pitch these:

  • Fae cannot lie and always keep promises they make. While this can be considered a weakness (or at least a quirk), it also means Fae are masters of twisting their own words and the words of others and creating semantic loopholes, which could allow for some veerrryyy interesting RPing. ;)
  • Fae also never say "thank you" or "I'm sorry" and neither should you. Both of these statements suggest that the speaker owes the listener something, and Fae are hyperaware of debts/favors. Also, tossing out a "thanks" is pretty insulting to Fae, who believe everything they do is pretty effin' awesome and mere words, perfunctory lip service, hardly suffices. Find another way to express your damn gratitude or apologies.
  • On the note of debts and favors, try not to accept gifts from Fae unless they are paying you back for something you have already done for them. They are all too willing to lure you into a service and will NOT let you forget that you owe them. They aren't too wild about accepting gifts themselves unless they can confirm they are given without expectation of reciprocation, or if they are willing to return the favor.

UHHH AND I THINK THAT'S IT FROM ME. 8'D Sorry to kick down the door like this! I just like laying things out ahead of time rather than winging it as I go. Argh, I hope this is useful.


Zoroko Posted: Apr 6 2017, 06:47 PM
Things grabbed from chat:
  • Fae being able to move between our plane and their own magics plane might be another idea to bring over. fae rings can be like portals to the world- like only a fae could really bring you over. it would not b super easy to just jump too this world, they would have to do some kind of special spell and incantation. Time would move differently/slowly in this relm. example: someone jumps in and comes out 10 min later, but they have been there for hours/days. Might be easier to travel on certain moon phases, or can only enter relm on certain moon phases. Relm would still be affected by the town curse. so they wouldnt be able to travel everywhere they could before in that world.
  • How is Faerie organized? Any leadership? We doing Seelie/Unseelie courts? Erlking? Oberon/Titania? Queen Mab? both courts are actually the same, neither is actually more 'evil' they've been at war so long they forgot why and they're all just Bastard Fae
Inonibird Posted: Apr 25 2017, 06:37 AM
More ideas based on chat discussion:
  • Seelie/Unseelie main courts, seasonal sub-courts, and regional courts from all over the world
  • feuds and fantasy racism as far as the eye can see
  • fae leadership types are likely magic enough to leave Streit if they ever enter it
  • Shakespearean faefolk are a thing (e.g. Oberon/Titania & Queen, perhaps Seelie/Unseelie rulers?)
  • the Erlking is sort of outside the court system, just plopped a crown on one day and no one dared challenge him; do not fuck with; also he sings
  • orgies are cool, but cross-court breeding ain't

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