Do You Know What Love Is? (Claud & Marribelle)

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Maelgwyn Posted: Jan 16 2015, 08:21 PM
Marribelle and Claud were outside somewhere in town, hanging out at night. It was quiet amongst them before she finally broke the silence with a random, innocent question.

Marribelle: Do you know what Love is, Claud?

Claud: Um. .H.

Marribelle: *tilts head* Hm?

Claud: *looks away, fidgets*

Marribelle: Well Love is like, how much you adore or really really like something or someone! Name one thing off the top of your head that you REALLY Really like the most? Anything!

Claud: � >H>;;; um

Claud: I dunno...

Marribelle: Hmm... okai! Let's say you really like cats! You like their cute little round faces. Their soft warm fluffy fur and their little mewls! You want them. You want to have one just for yourself because you know, they would make you happy and make you feel good! You would take time of your stressful day just to play with your cat because you love them and you give them all your attention! And they give you the same. Purring and loving you too! *she smiles*

Claud: What's a cat? :<c

Marribelle: *blinks and looks around quickly a bit. She checks her pouch and takes out the notepad and crayon; draws a quick picture of a cat.* Well, a cat can sometimes look like a big rat but! don't hurt it, they are hunters like you! And they eat rats and mice so they are good hunters! Sometimes they can be really tiny like a squirrel but they're baby cats! They mew or meow and come in many shapes and sizes!

Claud: But if they all look different how am I supposed to recognize one? Are they fairies? 8Uc

Marribelle: *laughs* No no ~ they're not fairies! They are animals. Felines. They mostly wild but they can be domesticated to be a house pet or hunt beside you! Cats have paws like this *she draws as she explains the unique features of a cat*

Claud: squints "Hmmm. I think I've seen those..."

Marribelle: Great! Hehehe We can go look for cats when the sun is up, it's easier to spot them since most are sleeping or hunting now. Cats can be pretty nocturnal - creatures that are more active at night.

Claud: "I--I know what nocturnal is�" Bm

Marribelle: *giggles* Sorry! Well... how about you tell me what creatures you know - beside the supernatural ones. *she giggles*

Claud: "I know what animals are good to hunt and for what. Mink and rabbit for fur, deer, elk, pheasant, rabbit for meat. I know which ones are most dangerous, like wild boar and bear and wolf� There's a lot�"

Marribelle: That's very good! What about Raccoons? Dogs? Sheep? *she tilts her head* Farm animals!

Claud: �Well, uh uh, yes, but...�

Marribelle: *giggles* Oh! I have a question... do you celebrate Christmas?

Claud: "Nnnnooooo? What's that?" BVc

Marribelle: You don't know Christmas? Hmm... It's the day of giving, gift exchange. But it's suppose to be connected to Three Kings Day - the date of Jesus Christ' birth. Three Kings came together and traveled far to give Jesus gifts, because they wanted to and felt it was right. Christmas now is solely what kids look forward to the most - especially if you been good. Good kids get toys or things they wanted while the bad kids get a lump of coal. The tradition of Christmas changes and is rather confusing and if you break it down in the bible - it's too much work and totally sacred. But it's okay.

Claud: has no idea what she's talking about :V "Ok."

Marribelle: *pouts* Christmas is Christ Day. Jesus Special Day Where you give gifts to those you care about the most.

Claud: "Oh! The hanged god!" <:V

Marribelle: Yes. Or as most people here kind of knows it as Krampus Day. Big ol' Krampus will go around town and give good kids presents and kidnaps the bad and makes them work for him until they learned to behave.

Claud: "Is he a rival god?" <:Vc

Marribelle: No, he's not. He's a myth, a character you would tell in a story to scare children to behave good.

Claud: "Huh? But what does that have to do with the hanged god? Why would you have a made up god?"

Marribelle: *shrugs* It's all about how one grew up and to what kind of stories. My papa told me about Krampus since it was tales he heard on his travels. It's just a story... Everything you read in the end is just a story and it's up to you to choose to believe if it's true or not.

Claud: "That's weird, why would you believe in something if it's not real?" ,':T

Marribelle: Faith... Hope... *she shrugs* It makes the person feel like they have a purpose or... have something to look forward to in life. You may see it to be odd but to another, it's just what they believe. You say hanged god. Others say Jesus Christ. Some will even say Rah. It's all about where you come from and what you were told all your life. A belief and religion. *she looks down and closes the notepad* Sorry if you don't care for this stuff.

Claud: "I'm just confused by both believing in something and also thinking it's not real. Either it's real or it's not."

Marribelle: It's confusing, yes... but the reality of things depend on you. Not on what someone else says. You have the right to agree or disagree. To believe what they say or find it false. Are you real? Are you even here? Are you just dreaming a life that is a nightmare or are you hoping it's just false and maybe you'll wake up to reality. You decide what's real or not.

Claud: "No, stop, that doesn't make sense! I can't just decide not to be real! That's crazy!" >m<

Marribelle: *laughs softly* Sorry, I'll stop. *she smiles a little* Claud... *she reaches out and holds his hand gently* You are real. I'm sorry for confusing you. If you can feel pain. Feel warmth, the cold, all kinds of mixed emotions... even if it's little... you are very much alive. And that's good!

Claud: "Okay�" he pouts a little but he doesn't pull away.

Marribelle: smiles at him, "be curious and explore. It doesn't hurt to stray off the path for a while. Even though we're trapped in this forest, these is so much to learn from everything around us. Hehehe Life is silly that way.�

Claud: >8C "It hurts to get eaten."

Marribelle: laughs, "easy... don't dwell in the negative thoughts. Think positive. If it helps you feel safe, be prepared for the unknown but keep an open mind. Don't be a broken record and repeat over and over again. Do something new once in a while."

Claud: grunts =m= "Ffffffine. If I survive winter we'll see about doing something new�"

Marribelle: blinked at the mention of 'we', as in they would do something together. She couldn't help but smile. "Don't worry.. We'll survive winter together. You won't be alone, you'll have me to keep you company."

Claud: grunts more =m= He hugs his arms around himself like he were cold.

Marribelle: gets up and shuffles over to him. She kneels down behind him and opens her coat like wings; she drapes her arms over him. Her head resting on his careful not to put too much weight on him. She does her best to show her affectionate side to him.

Claud: "uhh�" o<o;; Claud: "Allo?"

Marribelle: Hm? I'm here. You looked cold and so I thought I'll share my warmth with you.

Claud: can feel her boobs� "Ok." <H<

2:09:11 YzarcCreations: xD 2:09:12 YzarcCreations: ahahhaa

Marribelle: Let's go inside and make you some tea. Papa wouldn't mind you staying over. He knows you so he's okay with you!

Claud: "O-ok" o<o;; whatever you say just don't press your boobs on me wow it's weird, what is going on

Marribelle: *giggles and gets up now, closing her coat and sticks her hand out to him*

Claud: takes her hand >//m//>

Marribelle: *helps him up from the snow and leads him to her place*

Claud: follows, feeling very confused but at least this ended with hot tea.

2:19:04 YzarcCreations: xD 2:19:06 YzarcCreations: hhehehe daw 2:20:21 YzarcCreations: Claud you so cute 2:20:36 maelgwyn: X) 2:20:42 maelgwyn: he's dumb umu 2:20:45 maelgwyn: and rude 2:21:54 YzarcCreations: x3 heheh 2:21:59 YzarcCreations: oh man 2:22:05 YzarcCreations: xD Marribelle doesn't think he's rude 2:22:40 YzarcCreations: =w= 2:23:44 maelgwyn: well she's too kind then uwu 2:24:35 YzarcCreations: heheh >w< 2:24:48 YzarcCreations: she does her best -w- 2:25:11 maelgwyn: ;w; 2:25:28 YzarcCreations: ^^ 2:25:43 YzarcCreations: YzarcCreations snuggles you up 2:25:53 maelgwyn: maelgwyn holds you 2:25:58 YzarcCreations: <333

YzarcCreations: Claud gets tea and cake

2:27:37 YzarcCreations: =w= 2:28:14 maelgwyn: he's not used to sugar he's just gonna be like 2:28:16 maelgwyn: .<. 2:28:17 maelgwyn: o<o 2:28:19 maelgwyn: O<O 2:28:22 maelgwyn: sugarcrash 2:32:14 YzarcCreations: xD hehehe 2:32:28 YzarcCreations: her dad is gonna make him crash on the couch

Claud: "WHAT WHY" 8U

Randolf: You're not gonna sleep in the room near my daughter Bc, the couch will do you well if you pass out due to sugar...

Claud: "Pass out from sugar?" 8U ??? "Why would I�zzzzz"

Randolf: BC *carries him to the couch and lays him on there*

Claud: doesn't hardly weigh anything.

Randolf: BI hmm... *won't question his diet*

Marribelle: oxo ... Dad, why isn't he in the guest room?

Randolf: BI gruff

Marribelle: oh, don't be immature. He isn't like that...

Randolf: Hmph.

Marribelle: huff, okai. But I'm telling you, he isn't like that. But okai.

Randolf: *puts firewood in the fireplace to warm up the place a bit*

Claud: probably sleeps a long time now that he's safe and warm.

Marribelle: *goes out and clean the kitchen*

Marribelle: *finished with chores and walked over to Claud, checking up on him. She then goes to her room to get him a pillow and blanket to keep him comfortable and warm. She even took off his muddy shoes and places them by the door. No muddy boots on the furniture.*

Claud: whimpers a little in his sleep.

Marribelle: *hums and tucks his feet in the blankets and puts a pillow under his head. She checks on him, figuring out if he's alright.*

Claud's face is scrunched up, but he's not awake.

Marribelle: *looks at him. Confused why he looks uncomfortable still. She tilts her head then gives him a kiss on the forehead before going to her room*

Claud: XS Claud: XT Claud:

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