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A Trade (A little Christian and Claud RP)

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Maelgwyn Posted: Nov 29 2016, 05:14PM
A little RP between Claud and Christian about clothes with a lot of OOC talk mixed in for context.

Prof Fuchsidomask: btw I approve of the clothes swap baton maelgwyn: yessss BDc maelgwyn: we should do it >W> Prof Fuchsidomask: christian in Claud's outfit. the saddest he ever was maelgwyn: X'D

Claud: u vain man Christian: don't look at me I'm hideous. Claud: Shut up, it's what I can afford Claud: I have some fur lined things at least, that'll keep you happy

Christian: ....>:C -drags Claud to his room all secretly open his own closet to reveal THE GOODS- I will not let you run around like that!

Prof Fuchsidomask: and then claud was uncomfortable maelgwyn: YUP just a bit maelgwyn: XD

Claud: "But I can't wear nice things when I'm working!!" :C Claud: "I'll ruin them" :c Christian: Shhh shh shshsSHHH! Claud: um, don't shush me?? >:T Christian: Halt den Mund, for one second, ja? -finally decided what to give to Claud and hands him a dress shirt, auburn coloured pants, a pale green cravat, a wine red west and an over coat fitting to the pants- this should do...

Prof Fuchsidomask: good german-english talk maelgwyn: XD

Claud: is angry but he does shut up and he does wait for Christian to select clothing. He finally admits, "These /are/ very nice..." Christian: They are. And I am not saying you are supposed to wear them all the time. know... For formal or festive events. These might need changing to fit your stature better..

Prof Fuchsidomask: -the mom he never wanted- maelgwyn: XD

Claud: looks at the clothes and then looks at Christian, a bit panicked, "Surely you're not /giving/ these to me, right? I'm just borrowing them, yes?" Christian: I hardly wear this anymore. -closes his closet again that looks like it would contain clothes for at least half of the towns population, twice-

Prof Fuchsidomask: his carriage is full of clothes Prof Fuchsidomask: he doesn't bring weapons Prof Fuchsidomask: i fooled you all maelgwyn: OH NO XD

Claud: looks uncomfortable, "Still, I, I can't accept these�they're too nice, how could I ever repay you?" Christian: -gives him a gentle look- That is the thing about gifts. They don't need a repayment Claud: can't process his emotions rn, come back later :[ ???? "But...??" Christian: -pats him on the shoulder- Everyone deserves something nice once in a while.

Prof Fuchsidomask: (christian : if i have to stay in this rotten hell hole i will at least make everyone and everything appealing to the eye >:CCCCC) maelgwyn: XDD maelgwyn: wow, way to make giving a gift seem self-centered, Christian X'D

Claud: kinda hugs the bundle of clothes to his chest <:[ ??? still confused tho

Prof Fuchsidomask: he just thinks all things have room for improvements maelgwyn: LOL

Christian: Did you never get a gift before? Claud: has to seriously think about this. "I... nothing this nice, no." He feels bad even touching the nice cloth with his calloused and probably dirty hands. Christian: Hm, I see. Well, if you really wish to repay me.... I forgot to pack a set of warmer gloves. -gives him a telling wink- Claud: beams, relieved. "I trap rabbits all the time, I can make you a pair." Christian: Wonderful! Now a little fun thing to keep in mind about gifts: It's even better if the other person doesn't know what or that they will get one. It shows that you truly care by just listening to them and observing what they might need help with.

Prof Fuchsidomask: (secret dating tips) Prof Fuchsidomask: (christian are u even a priest) maelgwyn: X'D

Claud: nods in earnest, "OK, I'll... try." :< Christian: -gives him a warm beaming smile- Claud: smiles back hesitantly <:)

Prof Fuchsidomask: me: sobbing Prof Fuchsidomask: claud is so sweet help me maelgwyn: cry ;<;!! Prof Fuchsidomask: i read that francis claud thing yesterday Prof Fuchsidomask: i died maelgwyn: WEH maelgwyn: Claud just wants to help maelgwyn: and he doesn't really want to kill his sis :C so if he can find a way to let her drink from him without dying then maybe he won't have to kill her

Claud: puts the clothes in his cabin, comes back to get a tracing of Christian's hands for the gloves Claud: o no, hand tuching

Prof Fuchsidomask: lmao Prof Fuchsidomask: christians hand way too soft and pretty for someone who fights

Claud: is confused by this??? Christian: ?? : ) Claud: "Uh. Nothing." >H> Christian: You see a little flustered... Claud: "It's just that, you're a hunter, right?" Christian: Hm? Yes, I am. So? Claud: feels silly and he mumbles, "Your hands are... very soft." Christian: Oh... well, I just enjoy taking care of myself like that. Claud: is really self-conscious about his rough laborer's hands again, "I see." He looks at his tracings, "This should be enough information to make a proper glove pattern for you. I'll try to have them to you before the cold really hits."

maelgwyn: spoilers, he's going to make really nice gloves lined with rabbit fur, and then he's gonna make bigger mittens out of tougher leather because thin gloves don't do the trick when it's really cold

Christian: -gives him a friendly pat on the shoulder- I am convinced you can do it in time. But don't push yourself. your studies have priority.

Prof Fuchsidomask: (claud u are a cute bab)

Claud: nods, looking a little overwhelmed at the thought of continuing the work he needs to do to survive and his hunter studies. At least it will be winter soon and he won't be able to do more than deliver firewood and some trapping. Christian: Oh, and if you need anybody to have a friendly talk with don't hesitate to knock at my door. Claud: brightens a bit at this, and smiles genuinely, "Thank you, I appreciate that. And the same goes for you." Christian: I will keep that in mind. This town surely needs some... friendly talk. Claud: nods, agreeing, "I should be off, but thank you again!"

maelgwyn: he has no idea when he'll wear such nice clothes XD Prof Fuchsidomask: for mass maelgwyn: oh true <:Vc Prof Fuchsidomask: idk Prof Fuchsidomask: or jesus birthday maelgwyn: he'll worry they're TOO nice tho maelgwyn: hahaha X) maelgwyn: that'd be good, yeah Prof Fuchsidomask: forhisdatewithsam maelgwyn: yes >w> maelgwyn: but then they go horseback riding or w/e and something gets dirty or ripped he'll feel bad Prof Fuchsidomask: aww maelgwyn: man where could they even go where Claud could wear nice clothes X'D the... pub? XD Prof Fuchsidomask: yeah maybe. Prof Fuchsidomask: or the library. to get even more confused by letters maelgwyn: XD

Maelgwyn Posted: Nov 29 2016, 05:38PM
Here's the gloves!

user posted image

Oh, there's... two mittens, I just drew one tho because I'm... lazy and forgot >_>;;;

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